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The clash between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Punjab Kings (PBKS) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 was a thrilling encounter that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams showed their mettle on the field, making it a match to remember. Let’s delve into a detailed match summary to relive the key moments and highlights of the game.

Team Performances

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

  • Batting: KKR started off well with Shubman Gill and Rahul Tripathi providing a solid opening partnership. Venkatesh Iyer played a crucial innings in the middle overs, anchoring the innings with a well-crafted fifty. However, the lower middle-order failed to capitalize on the good start, leading to a slightly below-par total.
  • Bowling: KKR’s bowlers came out all guns blazing, with Pat Cummins and Varun Chakravarthy leading the attack. They picked up crucial wickets at regular intervals, putting pressure on the PBKS batsmen throughout the innings.

Punjab Kings (PBKS)

  • Batting: PBKS faced early hiccups in their chase, losing quick wickets in the powerplay. Mayank Agarwal held one end up with a sublime knock, but the lack of partnerships hampered their run chase. Shikhar Dhawan tried to revive the innings but fell short as the required run rate kept soaring.
  • Bowling: PBKS bowlers struggled initially to contain the KKR batsmen but made a strong comeback in the middle overs. Mohammed Shami and Ravi Bishnoi picked up crucial wickets to restrict KKR’s total, keeping the target within reach.

Key Moments

  • Shubman Gill’s Solid Start: Gill’s fluent strokeplay at the top set the tone for KKR’s innings, providing the early momentum.
  • Venkatesh Iyer’s Fifty: Iyer’s composed half-century stabilized KKR’s innings after the top-order collapse, showcasing his batting prowess.
  • Pat Cummins’ Fiery Spell: Cummins’ lethal bowling spell rattled the PBKS top-order, ensuring KKR maintained the upper hand in the match.
  • Mayank Agarwal’s Lone Battle: Agarwal’s fighting innings kept PBKS in the game, displaying his resilience under pressure.

Turning Points

  • Powerplay Performance: Both teams’ performances in the powerplay overs played a crucial role in shaping the course of the match.
  • Middle Overs Consolidation: The middle overs saw a shift in momentum with both teams looking to build partnerships and set a platform for the final flourish.

Player of the Match

  • Venkatesh Iyer: Iyer’s all-round performance with the bat and ball made him the standout player of the match, contributing significantly to KKR’s victory.


In a pulsating encounter between KKR and PBKS, it was KKR who emerged victorious, showcasing a fine balance between their batting and bowling departments. While PBKS fought hard, they fell short in the chase due to a lack of substantial partnerships. The match provided ample entertainment for fans and emphasized the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who won the toss in the KKR vs PBKS match?
  2. KKR won the toss and elected to bat first.

  3. What was the total score posted by KKR in the match?

  4. KKR posted a total of 160 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in their designated 20 overs.

  5. Which player top-scored for PBKS in the match against KKR?

  6. Mayank Agarwal was the top scorer for PBKS with a valiant knock under pressure.

  7. Who was the leading wicket-taker for KKR in the match?

  8. Pat Cummins was the leading wicket-taker for KKR, picking up crucial wickets to dismantle the PBKS top-order.

  9. Did any player from PBKS score a half-century in the match?

  10. No, none of the PBKS players scored a half-century in the match; however, Mayank Agarwal came close with a resilient innings.

  11. How did the KKR middle-order collapse affect their final total?

  12. The KKR middle-order collapse after a solid start impacted their final total, as they failed to capitalize on the strong foundation laid by the top-order batsmen.

  13. Which bowler from PBKS bowled exceptionally well in the death overs?

  14. Mohammed Shami from PBKS bowled exceptionally well in the death overs, picking up crucial wickets and restricting the flow of runs.

  15. What was the margin of victory for KKR over PBKS in the match?

  16. KKR won the match by a margin of 20 runs, showcasing their dominance in crucial phases of the game.

  17. How did the KKR spinners contribute to their victory in the match?

  18. KKR spinners, especially Varun Chakravarthy, played a vital role in picking up key wickets and maintaining the pressure on the PBKS batsmen throughout the innings.

  19. Which partnership proved to be the turning point in the KKR vs PBKS match?

    • The opening partnership between Shubman Gill and Rahul Tripathi set the platform for KKR’s innings, proving to be a crucial turning point in the match.



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