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Ways to Perfect a Real Estate Postcard

Real Estate Postcard


Whether you want to use it to build your brand identity, cultivate relationships with potential clients, advertise your services, or lead generation, direct mailers work wonders in all cases. When it comes to marketing for your firm, real estate postcards prove to be an invaluable tool. 

Postal cards are cost-efficient and relatively simple to make. However, knowing the proper card etiquette and understanding the subtle nuances of its creation and designing is imperative to deliver an effective impression about your brand to the buyers. 

Discover the proper etiquettes required to perfect the real estate postcards from design to delivery. Most cards end up in the bin without even getting opened. However, following the proper guidelines can avoid the same fate for your letters and cards.

Guidelines for creating the perfect postal cards

A well-designed card can speak volumes about your service and leave an unforgettable mark if appropriately handled. However, modern ones are either pretty bland or highly over the top. They lack the appeal that catches the reader’s eye, maybe due to poor design or mistakes. And even if a potential client opens up and reads them, they don’t prove to be convincing enough to make them take action.

Real estate cards can have bad designs resulting from a lack of guiding principles. Some key insights that you can abide by when dealing with real estate cards and which can help you in creating your perfect one include:

Techniques for successful postcard campaigning

Most postcard campaigns fail at generating leads or building brand value because they are not well thought out. Either the intent of the postcard remains unclear, or the campaigning steps are not followed, primarily due to the negligence of proven strategies. Therefore, before starting a campaign, you must ask crucial questions that will give you a more straightforward path to follow. You need to know what you hope to achieve by circulating your cards. Is it for generating more leads, promoting your services, or putting your real estate business on the map? Secondly, do you wish to direct people to a website where potential buyers may subscribe to your mailing list? Or are you trying to find tenants to attract buyers?

Whatever your motivation behind making cards and starting a campaign, the following tips will, without a doubt, help you achieve them.

Firstly, keep your branding and messaging consistent. Stick to one particular design and 2 to 3 fonts maximum. Secondly, you should send cards to your target region at least once every month. Thirdly, you should research and then decide where to start your campaigning, most favorably in a location with a 6% turnover rate at a minimum. Lastly, you should send them regularly for the first eight weeks. One in a week is a preferable option.


Sending real estate postcards regularly will help you establish a name for your firm and your services. Following the right etiquette will guarantee success in your promotional campaigns. Send a range of direct mails with different calls to action, showcasing your expertise, personality, and experience. This exhibits your knowledge and dedication, which are crucial for growing your clientele among targeted prospects.

However, sometimes you don’t have the patience or the time to handle a postcard campaign. In that case, many direct mail services companies can help you out.

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